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What does SATIAMO mean?

SAves TIme And MOney

What does SATIAMO offer?

We primarily offer following consulting services:

  • strategic freight tenders – locally and globally
  • optimizing the flow of goods in commercial enterprises
  • Goods flow management in concern groups
  • optimizing the purchasing of goods

In addition, our software architecture ELOGATE® supports your logistics department. Therewith many processes are automated, which had previously been done manually . This increases your logistical flexibility.

You can find further information about our products here.

Is SATIAMO directly linked to a transport company?

No, we are an independent consulting company. We operate factually in all that we do. This manifests itself in optimal results for our clients.

I would like to work for SATIAMO. What opportunities do I have ? Are there any open vacancies?

Thank you for your interest in our company.  Here you can find all open vacancies.


In our company one forwarding handles the entire logistics. The handling by several forwardings could bring benefits. However, the internal capacity is insufficient to develop such a concept. Can SATIAMO® help?

Our employees have the Know-How and the tools required to perform a new tender. Therefore a multi-sourcing forwarding concept can be achieved without additional expenditure.

A multi-sourcing forwarding concept increases the complexity in daily business. Is that right?

This occurs not when our software ELOGATE® organises the disposition. That’s the only contact point for the dispatchers of your company, streamlines the “ways” and brings more efficiency.


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