Since 2005 we accompany and support companies in purchasing and coordination of their supply chains and goods flows – regionally, nationally, internationally. In this time we were literary able to bring many large as well as smaller projects successfully “on its way”.

During this time we gain a broad and deep expertise in the entire goods flow management.

The professionally designed tenders through the cross-industry software solution ELOGATE and the “three-phase model” optimize suppliers structures as well as framework and delivery conditions. The result: Better purchasing conditions.

In addition you receive:

  1. Suggestions of how to save money and how to improve as well as an indication of possible barriers.
  2. Transport relations and zone models.
  3. An overview of the offered services.
  4. A supplier evaluation with recommendations as basis for informed decisions.
  5. Tips for negotiating and drafting of contracts
  6. Support when switching to new suppliers and logistics service providers

Production and trading companies in the food, the automotive, the foam, insulation & building materials industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry already rely on our know-how.

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TRANSPARENCY and OBJECTIVITY are the key components for being compliant with legal requirements in freight procurement.

SATIAMO® creates the perfect environment for ensuring compliance both in your strategic and your operative freight procurement.

Based on their extensive experience in the conduction of law-compliant tenders, the freight procurement experts from SATIAMO® will be your excellent partners for your strategic freight procurement.

You will benefit from their know-how and get the necessary objectivity and transparency to ensure compliance in your tender project.

Compliance is not only important in strategic freight procurement but as well in the daily business of operative freight procurement.

Make sure that your process of operative freight procurement is fully-compliant with legal regulations by using the transport management software ELOGATE – developed by SATIAMO®.

ELOGATE gives you entire transparency and sustainable documentation in the whole process of operative freight purchasing.

The transparent flow of goods– a new, holistic approach, anchored by the synergistic behavior of the carriers to a future-oriented lever.

At the same time, all goods flows of your business, several locations or even multiple, cooperating companies are considered. Through the intelligent combination and coordination of individual transport requirements, synergies of the companies involved are used and the utilization of all increased.  Not only are the potential savings identified, but also a set of rules for the redesign of processes, conditions, organizations and partnerships- accessible to all partners.


  1.    Reduce the number of journeys
  2.    Increase the utilization of trucks
  3.    Reduce prices of individual journeys
  4.    Better coordination on incoming and outgoing goods
  5.    Better cooperation between the carriers

As an internationally proven and neutral partner we also offer you to analyze your current supply chain, to identify potentials and optimize your transport routes apart from tender projects.

The result: Economically and ecologically efficient ways

What we can offer:

  1.     Status Quo of your supplier- and shipment structure
  2.     Status Quo of your internal processes: Tools for data management, communication with suppliers, internal interfaces
  3.     Status Quo for the optimal use of the transportation logistics software ELOGATE.

Usually, the greater the proportion of manual processes in your transport logistics and the more internal and external partners are involved, the greater the optimization potentials. Based on these parameters, a continuous, electronic workflow – the same as ELOGATE provides- realizes great savings.

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