The ELOGATE technology

The web-based software architecture as well as all customer data are installed on our central high-performance servers and are available on the Internet for daily operations.

These servers have connection to multiple Internet backbones. Our central security concept as well as the rights management on high-level provide protection, integrity and confidentiality of your data.

The advantages of this technology:

  • Simultaneous and worldwide availability for logisticians and logistics service providers
  • Can be used anywhere and at any time
  • No installation on local computers
  • No additional hardware required (memory usage)
  • Minimum rollout time and easy connection and integration
  • Uniform interface to logistics service providers
  • Comprehensive, centralized security concept and rights management for all users
  • efficient service through our central maintenance

 ELOGATE is a software solution across all industries for individually and professionally designed workflows throughout the tendering process, strategic freight procurement and for the “daily business” of the disposition in industrial and commercial business enterprises
ELOGATE provides convenient tools for evaluations and reports as well as an innovative CO2- monitoring for the “ecological footprint” along the entire goods flow. It tightens the cooperation with your freight forwarding and freight partners and help you to make the right decisions based on collected information.

Thus ELOGATE not only saves time and money. It also makes a significant contribution to climate protection

ELOGATE makes sure that your process is fully-compliant with legal regulations.

ELOGATE gives you entire transparency and sustainable documentation in the whole process of operative freight purchasing.





• Customized web application

• Aid in decision making on the basis of collected information



 ELOGATE Freight Procurement


Einkauf• Tenders

• Offer management of the logistics service providers

• Tender Evaluation

• Fuel Price Monitor


ELOGATE Management

Management• Credit note procedure

• Reports

• Maps

• CO2 monitoring



E-Aviso• E-Aviso und Loading Plan for the daily disposition and e-mail interface

• Automatic disposition (automatic creation of transport orders)

• KPI check

• Load Carrier Management

• Time Window Management

ELOGATE Communication


• E-Mail management

• Configuration of the data transmission


You define and structure specific content for your tender documents, such as relations, zones, units, return freights and offer deadlines. You can also create individual graduations, such as pallet space or loading metre or weight to get the best offer for each shipment.

For a better calculation, essential information such as the volume of your shipments, precise routes and features can be entered.

Freight rates can be imported directly into the software either chronologically or as an Excel list. You have also the option to add further tender documents (eg General Terms and Conditions) to  the tender.

In the next step ELOGATE submits the tender via E-mail interface to handpicked logistics service providers, that you choose.

Important: This is no public tender!

Each logistics service provider has his/her own access to ELOGATE to submit an offer along with a commitment period for the tendered positions. Any changes or additions to current tenders are directly send via E-Mail to all participants involved.

You get complete and comparable offers including all relevant information (eg contacts, addresses, expiration date, …) which can be exported into an Excel file.

Furthermore it is possible to create and maintain logistics service provider data, contacts and new partners and to control the validity of offers. Own graduations corresponding to the requirements of the logistics service provider, such as loading metres, cubic metres information and pallet spaces can also be entered.

ELOGATE creates a transparent evaluation of the offer, which shows potential savings in all requested relations and can be the basis for renegotiations.

You get a complete overview and comparison of price and performance of the individual graduations. You alone decide which logistics service provider you choose and whom you give the transport order.

You also have the option to upload current conditions, transport volumes and offers of the logistics service providers yourself.

ELOGATE generates an overview of all offers, starting with the cheapest. You can create a transport order with all relevant information and place the order via Automatic Disposition, either based on defined rules or not.

During the transport order progress it is fully documented who has performed what and when. In the commentary fields you can enter additional information and reviews. This information is available and thus the basis for detailed discussions and negotiations with your logistics service providers.

You can print labels for the various delivery units or a loading plan either for internal use or for your loading ramp.

ELOGATE simplifies the communication as well as important processes. It makes your transport logistics transparent, understandable and reliable.

Automatic transport orders = Intelligent day-to-day business

Autodispo (Automatic disposition) automatically converts order forms into transport orders and transmits them to the selected forwarding partner based on defined rules. Therefore you have to provide a list of all order forms from your ERP system. It replaces the manual entry.

Together we will define the rules for the translation of your ERP files into a transport order according to the technical frameworks of your computer systems. The allocation of the freight forwarding partner is also based on specific rules that you specify.

ELOGATE significantly increases efficiency and profitability of your transportation logistics.

Information, individually structured

ELOGATE offers structured information from a wide data base.

Predefined figures are represented in form of tables and diagrams in a monthly report, eg comparison of ,,storage space to diesel price” or, vice versa, ,,diesel price to storage space”. Because a rising diesel price is not an indication for rising transport costs.

Furthermore you are able to find out, why transport orders were rejected.

All information in ELOGATE can be exported into a common spreadsheet program and are suitable for your controlling. If you indicate “Alerts”, you will be automatically alerted in case of underscoring or exceeding predefined parameters.

You determine the addressees for the automatic distribution via e-mail.  Thus you can send reports for example to the management team of your transport logistics.

The analysis functions at a glance:

  • improved transport logistics
  • recognizition of trends
  • efficient reporting and controlling
  • more knowledge than the competition

Transparent management, less effort

ELOGATE calculates all services, which have accrued in the defined period for accounting and creates credit notes with an electronic signature. That minimizes your administrative effort and saves accounting and dunning for the logistics service providers.

Credit notes are automatically booked and paid, if you use the connection to your ERP-System. This guarantees optimum and monthly evaluation possibilities for your controlling and saves accounting controls.

The price archive offers information about whether prices and offers are valid.

Optional: Arrange the ELOGATE credit note system with your logistics service provider!

Compliance is not only important in strategic freight procurement but as well in the daily business of operative freight procurement.

Make sure that your process of operative freight procurement is fully-compliant with legal regulations by using the transport management software ELOGATE – developed by SATIAMO®.

ELOGATE gives you entire transparency and sustainable documentation in the whole process of operative freight purchasing.

Objectivity creates security and trust

In the module “KPI-check” you define and capture quality criteria for your transportation services, evaluate them and objectively compare your logistics service providers.

Substantiated, real data from previously completed transport orders make it easier to select logistics service providers and deliver tangible facts for negotiations.

Focal points are:

  • Objective monitoring of individual shipments
  • Freely definable criteria with individual weightning
  • Preparation of meaningful figures and reports
  • Documents for negotiations with logistics service providers at the touch of a button

ELOGATE offers neutral evaluation criteria, that gives you security and encourage the trust of your business partners.

Transparency, efficiency and safety

This modul manages your load carrier stock, supports all common load carriers and makes it possible to define own variants.

All process partner are integrated in the load carrier accounts: your company, your logistics service providers, customers, forwarders and load carrier suppliers.

The place, status and the condition of the load carriers as well as the number, distribution and availability of load carrier types are managed on these accounts. The load carrier stock is completely retrieved at any time.

There you have the possibility to manage the reference, delivery, reclaim, withdrawal of damages as well as the fnancial balance of the load carriers, booking, quality evaluation, dunning and documentation. This results in practical analyzes and statistics.

Das ELOGATE LOAD CARRIER MANAGEMENT offers high efficiency and transparency, saves time, process and material costs and protects load carrier shortages.

In this module the shipment data of multiple locations are optically captured, whereby utilizations are easily recognisable and potentials as well as possibilities for synergies are immidiately visible. The factors cost savings and climate protection take on a new dimension.

The fuel monitor. Flex offers an overview of all price indices and price escalation clause. Here you can see the daily rising or falling of fuel prices, primarily diesel, which acting positive or negative on transport costs.

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