Our Vision


We would like to optimize transport routes as well as to enhance the efficiency of the goods flow with our customers, suppliers and in a holistic view.

For you this means: Even better quality at lower prices.

We newly structure the freight procurement and goods management, not only to do justice to our economic approaches, but also to make an important contribution to climate protection.

Because less transport routes means less CO2- emissions.

Our Mission


Improve international freight tenders in the long term to ensure sustainable transparency and thus to change the supplier structure, conditions and processes in the freight procurement and in the transport logistics.

Our contribution to human and environment


Shorter transport distances means lower resource consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

That fulfils on the one hand economic aspects, but even more it saves natural resources, the environment and the climate. And this will benefit us all.


Our Business


We serve customers in all sectors in Europe in production, commercial and industrial enterprises.


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